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Happy Homes Gus is with his new family in Johannesburg living his BEST life!!  He does not have a owner  but a NEW BFF. We cannot be more over the moon with this pairing…
Chloe is now also in Johannesburg with the Naude Family, and already made friends with their in-house Studmuffin. The Naude family really know what they want in an English Bulldog, and had a virtual family meeting when Arno came to pick her up.   We cannot be more content in having our little Chloe Join their family  of Bulldog fanatics.
Love at First Sight Only 2 days with her new family and already she met a GIANT…   .. and a new friend or foe in the forest… … and best of all she is with her new buddy, her forever pal, pertner in crime she can’t wait to start their lifelong friendship… Dancer had not only a brand new mommy in Vanessa but a brand new playmate - look how cute they are about 6 months later in the Christmas outfits… BFF’s 4eva!!
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